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The FEG has the long-term goal of becoming one of the leading service providers in the geoscience field in Saudi Arabia, with services also extended to countries in the region. The founders of FEG have years of experience local and international experience, and their vision for the company is to make the most cutting-edge technology and skills available in the local community. Our objective is to keep pace with the rapid advancement of technology while making full use of machine learning and computational capabilities

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Engineering Geophysics

These surveys aimed to assist development and maintenance of civil structures by exploring and mapping the voids, cavities, Karstic features, buried sinkholes, soil/rock interface and underground utility and infrastructure.

Downhole Geophysical Surveys

Wide range of downhole surveys including seismic downhole and crosshole testing, Optical and acoustic imagery, density logging, natural and spectral gamma ray logging, Magnetic, Resistivity , IP and several other logging services are on offer.

Mineral Exploration Services

We offer advance geophysical technologies to explore concealed mineral resource, these include VMS and disseminated sulphides, base metals, quarts , metallic minerals, graphite, phosphates, chromite and manganese.

Marine Geophysical Services

Our Marine services include Sub-bottom profiling, Echo-Sounders, Electrical, Magnetic , Resistivity and seismic reflection surveys

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FEG Regional Office, Building 3498 Sulaimaniya District,.
7463 Riyadh, 12245, Saudi Arabia

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